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As its own R&D program, ESSEN has developed more than ten thousand of versatile advanced organic intermediates, which are aimed at the chemistry scientists who are looking for a wide range of building blocks for modern drug discovery research and development.

Customers can choose to order from a list of more than 10,000 products currently available in our catalog with short lead time and lowest possible price. The catalog is searchable in CAS#, Name and Formula.

Besides catalog products, ESSEN has the infrastructure to provide any specific requirements on custom synthesis and process optimization services. Each contract project of ESSEN will be performed by a group of fine synthetic chemists holding advanced degrees in chemistry with extensive bench experience who are capable of carrying out the most sophisticated organic synthesis.

ESSEN intents to establish intimate and interactive relationships with our customers, our scientists at ESSEN would provide valuable suggestions and advices for our customers with no or very minimal consulting fees.